Why Invest in Mersin?

World companies start to look east after the global crisis, the southern city of Mersin has moved to the top of investment budgets because of its proximity to the Middle East and Africa.

Turkey’s southern city of Mersin has become an attractive center for investors, thanks to its bustling port.Mersin has recently attracted interest million from various companies and is currently preparing to welcome for new investments.Investors discover Mediterranean city of Mersin.

Turkey’s departure gate to global market, Mersin, is entering to agriculture and tourism sectors. The city aims to be a new tourism district in international area with its new transportation infrastructure and hotels.

Mersin economy is being became a current issue with its industrial, touristic, agricultural and energy projects as being tourism’s one of the major cities. It is among Turkey’s ten largest cities continues to be separated from other cities by various types of sectors as petroleum refinery, glass industry, cement, chrome, soda industry, cellulose paper, weaving, food industry and machine manufacturing industry potential.

64% of Turkey’s citrus fruit industry realizes in Mediterranean Region and Mersin occupies an important place in this industry. In the recent period, the city moved into modern agricultural production and exports 65 countries. Mersin is also one of the main tourism destinations of Turkey with its new hotels. By provided solutions to the city’s highway and airway problems, Mersin became more close to be a new tourism destination internationally.Second biggest international airport of Turkey is under construction.
With its beaches and green landscape Mersin has a great tourist potential today. It is a multi-faceted and rapidly growing city with largest port in Turkey ,a key gateaway for trade, a free zone and major industrial and commercial establishments. In spite of its short history as a city Mersin was rapidly transformed into an industrial city complemented by trade and service sectors.

It has all the factors including its geographical location and wide hinterland and a completed infrastructure which an investor would take into consideration before making its decision to go ahead with an investment plan. On the one hand it has industrial parks, qualified labor and high living standards and, on the other, it features numerous plains, beaches, fertile soil and typical Mediterranean climate preferred not only by local, but also foreign investors.

Mersin has potential for further growth thanks to its strategic, historical and cultural role between Europe and the Middle East as well as its mild climate.