Turbocharger Maintenance and Repair Works

Our Company offers maintenance ,repair and overhaul services on site or in the own workshop for large diesel engine’s turbocharger units positioned in ships and power plants.

These services are provided in the manufacturer’s standards by our experienced and certified team.

Onsite Works
Maintenance of turbochargers may be required in the interim periods outside the normal maintenance intervals from our company by the customer.

In these cases, maintenance and repair can be made during anchorage period or within docking stage for ships and also field maintenance can be made for power plants.

In this scope;
– Turbocharger’s dismantling,
– The bearings’ and other parts’ controlling,
– Nozul ring’s and cover ring’s cleaning,
– Necessary modifications are provided. These operations are complemented by our experienced and trained personnel, according to urgency degree by working 7/24 and working trial is performed in accordance with customer’s request.

Turbocharger Modernization Package Implementation

With application of modernization package;
– Better machine performance,
– Saving fuel and lubricating oil,
– Longer machine life,
– In accordance with the latest technology ,service and spare parts support is provided.

In addition ,the old type of turbocharger parts are expensive and have long lead times. In these cases ,applications of turbocharger modernization package may be the most appropriate solution.

Transactions Carried Out in the Workshop;
Turbocharger is taken from it’s place and brought to the workshop at periodic maintenance periods or in case of impossible on-site repair ,then respectively the following procedures are applied.

Removing the rotor ; In the first phase ,the rotor dismantling operation is performed for turbocharger that was brought to the workshop. Special apparatus are used for this dismantling process.

Cleaning the parts ; Scraper operation ,the first of the cleaning method is carried out by using two different machines. The first machine benefits from principle of suction the second machine applies high pressure to complete process of scraping.

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