Ship Management

Eurotrade ship management was formed to meet the needs of today’s ship owners.

Eurotrade has a perfect reputaion in business circles and this force us to be selective with our clients. Our strength lies in our extensive experience in a total concept of ship-operating and management hence we keep on investing for improving our team.

We provide professional services for the management of ships and maritime assets. The company has activity for all aspects of ship management including technical management, purchasing, maintenance, insurance, inspections, compliance with Flag, Class and other mandatory requirements, post fixture operations, chartering, signing of contracts and reporting.

Management staff has extensive experience in all facets of the ship management, new build and conversion project development and management, general marine engineering, crewing and operations management, as well as hands on sea going experience in senior ranks. Our sea staff are directly selected by the company and retained through our dedicated crew management subsidiary, which focuses on consistency, training and reliability. Shipping business has always been a well placed in the Turkish economy, using the advantageous geographical location and efficient.
With this strength behind us, Eurotrade will continue to take the lead as a well known ship management and chartering company. Forever striving to be the world’s most trusted carrier, Eurotrade will stand firm against the challenges of our shipping industry and continue to provide the best service to our customers have come to expect. We always play an integral role between ship owners and charterers finding the best solutions on fixings of contracts.

Trust is the most important in the international shipping. By Eurotrade we are aware of this. Professional service precisely matched to the needs of our clients along the entire transport chain.

Eurotrade Ship Management & Ship Operation Division is the most active part of our structure. We believe our professionally, efficiency, reliability has the main factors of our today’s success. We perform well on monitoring of voyage progress, port and cargo operations, bunkering arrangements, agency appointments and related matters fixture and post-fixture handling, negotiation and drafting of charter parties or freight contracts, lay time calculation, hire and freight collection, issuance of voyage instructions and guidelines on ship operations.


What We Do


Technical support
Maintenance and Repair
ISM compliance/ Safety and Quality Assurance
Store and Purchase
Regular maintenance/ Performance report
Specialization and expertise like handling open hatch bulk carriers.


Evaluation & assessment report
Drug and Alcohol policy




Asset management
Legal consulting
Finance investments


New Building supervision
Change of Flag / Classification Society
Survey and inspection for sale and purchase
Cargo supervision for specialized vessels and cargo