Shipping has changed during the last decade, therefore we work more for the future then the present prosperity and structure of our company has been specially created to provide quality services with the highest grade of professionalism. We pride ourselves on our history and the excellent reputation having been gained.

Eurotrade business motto is to be a high quality and cost efficient ship operator while sustainably expanding its fleet in the dry bulk sector.

Reliable and long-lasting relationships are major factor of what we do. We focus on building and maintaining relationship with all our counter-parties, charterers and traders, brokers and all other shipping related people.

Believe that dedication and hard work with professionalism by a team work is the main key of a golden success in management.From our Management team to our seamen onboard, Eurotrade is a team of highly motivated people sharing the same passion for the sea like a family and the ships that we manage.

We believe that it is not only a job, we are perfecting it, dedicating ourselves to our vessels and taking great pride in the condition of the vessels we manage . The company adopts a highly professional and cost conscious attitude in the management of our fleet and also in chartering department we are strong enough to manage short&long term contracts.

We are aware of the need of technology based systems to meet the demands of ship management & Chartering in the modern era. We know well that we enter into a technology driven age characterized by sudden changes and increasing global interaction. As communications, e-commerce and new technology is already norm of the day and helping us for a improved, efficient and cost effective services. So we are constantly upgrading our hardware and software systems, the revolution of information systems to be places on time. The significant investments of the company, in both personal and technological back up, have been made to ensure that ship owners with vessels under Eurotrade’s management will face the challenges of the future with confidence and steady progress.