Chartering is very much a matter of mutual trust. Hence Eurotrade Ship Management maintains close and direct relationships with all leading operators in the industry worldwide Based on more then 30 years of experience, we know how to achieve sustainable vessel performance, always working closely with the charterers and keeping information flows transparent.

Eurotrade Maritime Chartering Division and its affiliates contract annually for transportation of huge quantity of mainly fertilizer (any type) and coal, scrap, steel, general cargoes include worldwide transportation. We are exclusive broker of many companies and especially carrying cargoes on long terms contract basis. Our policy is care about clients’ requirement and serving at comprehensive and competitive freights. We will continue this fundamental policy to provide transportation services under advantageous conditions to our clients into the future.
We have been highly successful in achieving its stated objectives, closely monitoring marketing reports our team is able to prepare analyses for management tonnages , charterers and projects for the future market trends thus helping management to set the course of our strategy in the short, medium and long term.

The Chartering Department:

  • – Develops and discusses the chartering strategy with owners to optimise asset deployment, ensuring sustainable and solid revenues
  • – Constantly communicates with charterers and brokers to plan and evaluate the right employments
  • – Negotiates and signing shipping contracts, aiming to achieve the best result for all parties involved. Contracts on voyage , long terms or time charter.
  • – Searching direct, exclusive charterers and negotiates the best employment for the open vessels;
  • – Carries out market research and analysis, keeps up with the news in the shipping sector, i.e. indices, reported fixtures
  • – Following open tonnage, improving relationships with ship owners
  • – Analyzes the final results of the contracts
  • – Continual improvements in chartering responsiveness