Investment Model

The ships are invested private investors. Eurotrade brings investors together who aspire to greater involvement within such organisation. There are small number of investors under an umbrella.The investors and the company (Eurotrade) will work together.

We choose the right ships on right time , we call our investors who placed in our portfolio , we bring investors together , we do financial analysis , market forecast then we establish the company and we manage the ships.This organisation allows us share the profit but also the risk of present wild market conditions. It brings us more ships , much more strong financial status and close working relationship, potential to invest on larger vessels.

The world goes to a new business model which companies merging and making risks lower.

We connect people to invest in shipping.Our in-depth industry knowledge and ship management experience in the maritime sector are the basis for our business.

For investment opportunities please contact with Mr. Levent Dolek then you will get more detailed information for the organization structure.